Wednesday Room 1
Temporal pulse shaping, dominant parameter in reducing welding defects during high power fiber laser weldingNaeem, MohammedPrima Power Laserdyne
New Laser Welding Tools for Titanium Aerospace ComponentsAllen, ChrisTWI
Laser keyhole termination regimes on varying composition of low carbon alloy steelsLai, Wai JunCranfield University
Investigation on the feasibility of laser riveting for dissimilar joining applicationsLi, BoweiTWI
Fully reflective annular laser beam shaping for 1.03µm ultra-high throughput laser beam weldingPallier, GwennCailabs
Wednesday Room 1
Maskless laser prototyping of glass microfluidic devicesWlodarczyk, KrystianHeriot-Watt University
Stress Induced Birefringence of Glass-to-Metal Ultrashort Pulse Welded ComponentsHann, SamuelHeriot-Watt University
Ultrafast laser bonding of dissimilar materials ready for industrial uptakeKarnakis, DimitrisOxford Lasers
Laser 3D printing of micro-scale graded shape memory components for in-vivo actuated medical devicesMuniraj, LogaheswariHeriot-Watt University
Wednesday Room 1
Advances in cutting with high power multi kilowatt fibre lasers, up to 20kWWilford, StanIPG Photonics
Sponsored by Optimizing the CO2 laser cutting behavior of polycarbonateJanik, JuliaNovanta Europe
Optimisation of laser beam cutting with beam oscillation based on high-speed X-ray imagingLind, JannikUniversity of Stuttgart
Cleaving tailored edges and curved surfaces of transparent materials by ultrafast lasersKahmann, MaxTRUMPH GmbH
Wednesday Room 2
3D printing of hybrid metal/polymer objects through an integrated multiple material additive manufacturing processChueh, Yuan-Hui University of Manchester
Understanding on microstructure and cracks of permanent magnetic material Nd-Fe-B using Laser Powder Bed FusionWu, JulanUniversity of Nottingham
Process monitoring using machine learning for additive manufacturingGruenberger, Thomasplasmo
Laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing of functionally graded multiple metallic material componentsWei, ChaoUniversity of Manchester
On the use of laser-material interaction parameters to drive design and control of thin-wall architectures made of AlSi10Mg alloy by laser powder-bed-fusion (L-PBF)Zavala, MiguelTWI
The Effect of Hot Isostatic Pressing on surface integrity, microstructure and strength of hybrid MIM/PBF stainless steel componentsMehmeti, AldiUniversity of Birmingham
Effect of different shield environments on laser powder bed fusionBidare, PrveenUniversity of Birmingham
Wednesday Room 2
New approaches in additive manufacturing Ð Next level system technology and layer height control using OCT sensorKogel-Hollacher, MarkusPrecitec
Dilution strategies in laser claddingKoti, DanielUniversity of Nottingham
Laser Power and Surface Thickness Analysis of Distortion Within Directed Energy Deposited In-718 FlangesCullen, StephenUniversity of Huddersfield
Production of super-hard cutting teeth on linear edge saw blades using Laser Directed Energy DepositionKong, Choon YenC4 Carbides Ltd
Wednesday Room 2
NEWAM - the next generation laser directed energy deposition process?Williams, StewartCranfield University
Multi-functional representation of a novel NiTi-based compression-induced-twisting structure manufactured by selective laser meltingMa, ChenglongJiangnan University
CFD modelling advances in additive manufacturingAllu, PareeFlow Science Inc
Laser powder-bed fusion of aluminium based composites for enhanced tribological performanceLi, PeifengUniversity of Nottingham
Extreme High-speed Laser Application (EHLA); a step change in coating technologyBarras, JoshTWI
Surface Texturing
Wednesday Room 3
Bio-compatibility enhancement of a Zr-based bulk metallic glass using nanosecond laser surface texturingBrousseau, EmmanuelCardiff University
Modelling ultrafast laser structuring/texturing of free form surfacesMichalek, AleksandraUniversity of Birmingham
Durability of lubricant-impregnated surfaces: the effects of laser textured surfaces on lubricant retention under vibrationsGaddam, AnveshUniversity of Birmingham
Laser surface texturing for industrial applications: high static friction and superhydrophobic surfacesGora, WojciechHeriot-Watt University
Fast large-area multi-beam micro/nanostructuring at HiLASEHauschwitz, PetrHiLASE Centre
Surface Engineering 1
Wednesday Room 3
Using Machine Learning for Prediction and Optimisation in Laser MachiningMcDonnell, Michael University of Southampton
Laser ablation surface engineering for particle acceleratorsMalyshev, OlegSTFC
Laser Shock Peening Applications Development at HiLASE CentreZulić, Sanin HiLASE Centre
Practical implementation of laser polishing of additively manufactured medical implantsMcDonald, MarkHeriot-Watt University
Biomimetic laser engineering of functional surfaces – From prediction to commercialisationKunze, TimFraunhofer IWS
Surface Engineering 2
Wednesday Room 3
Functionalised polycrystalline boron nitride materials through laser surface engineeringPacella, ManuelaLoughborough University
A study of the tactile friction behaviour between laser-textured metallic surfaces and counterpart polyurethane materials at low sliding velocitiesButler-Smith, PaulMTC
Bio-Inspired Non wetting surfaces by ultrafast laser processingBrajer, JanHiLASE Centre
Development of advanced laser processes for multiscale surface modification of functional electrodes in Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometer instrumentationGhosal, AnupamUniversity of Manchester
Hydrophobic agent adsorption dynamics of laser textured superhydrophobic metallic surfacesMacdonald, JamesUniversity of Cambridge
Thursday Room 1
Millisecond Fibre Laser Drilling of Deep HolesMarimuthu, SundarMTC
Laser direct writing of high quality cross-shaped terahertz mesh filterLe, HoangUniversity of Birmingham
An experimental study on quasi-CW fibre laser drilling of Hastelloy- X AlloyNaeem, MohammedPrima Power Laserdyne
Pushing ultrafast laser drilling technologies to the edgesRyll, Joachim Pulsar Photonics
Welding 2
Thursday Room 1
Advanced manufacturing techniques for laser welding of automotive structural aluminium alloysDemirorer, MeteCranfield University
Comparative Evaluation of Laser Oscillation Welding applied on different functional alloysOyelola, OlusolaTRUMPF Laser UK
Remote laser welding of car doors with optical seam trackingKuehnel, MatthiasII-VI Incorporated
Kilowatt Blue Laser Sources for processing solutions in eMobilityEltze, AndreLaserline GmbH
Blue Lasers Poised to Enhance Automobile FabricationDodd, AndrewNuburu
Remote Laser Welding of Die-cast Aluminium Parts for E-mobility Applications with High Frequency Beam Oscillation and Beam ShapingFranciosa, PasqualeUniversity of Warwick
CFD Simulations for Laser WeldingKeating, MarkFlow Science UK
Systems, Automation & Process Monitoring
Thursday Room 2
Trust in your laser processes with real time temperature monitoringLeach, JimHamamatsu
Experimental investigation of accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility of multi-axis laser processing systemsKarkantonis , ThemistoklisUniversity of Birmingham
Systems and AutomationJones, TonyCyan-Tec
Scoring of tear lines for airbag applicationKrug, MichaelJenoptik
Thursday Room 2
Tunable GHz and MHz femtosecond burst for various material processingGertus, TitasLight Conversion UAB
Industrial Femtosecond Lasers for High Precision Micro-MachiningFulford, BenLuxinar
State of the art femtosecond laser technology for the industry enabling advanced processing and higher throughputWolters, XavierAmplitude Laser Group
Beam Delivery
Thursday Room 2
Nanosecond UV Imaging Systems Maintain Superiority in Demanding ApplicationsSercel, JeffreyJ P Sercel
A Hybrid Approach to Multi-physics Laser-processing for Low-volume ManufacturingJones, JasonHybrid Manufacturing Technologies
Fully reflective one by nine beam splitter for high throughput surface decoatingPallier, GwennCailabs
Near Diffraction-Limited Beam Shaping for Scanner & other Long Focal Length Optical Systems for Laser Material ProcessingKidd, StephenPowerPhotonic
Tailored femtosecond laser beam focused by using microscope objective lensesLi, ZhaoqingUniversity of Manchester
Laser Welding in Inner Diameter (ID) of tubes having a diameter less than 145mm portSabarikanth, SabiOptilase
Embedding optical sensors in additive layer manufactured metallic components for conditional monitoring in harsh environmentsMichie, BenHeriot-Watt University
Surface Engineering 3
Thursday Room 3
Laser-fabrication of electrocatalysts from nanoparticles to single atomsLiu, ZhuUniversity of Manchester
Ultrashort-pulse processing with tailored laser vector fieldsAllegre, OlivierUniversity of Manchester
Surface engineering of polycrystalline diamond materialsGhosh, PriyankaLoughborough University
Impact of laser texturing parameters and processing environment in the anti-wetting transition of nanosecond laser generated textures in stainless steelGodoy Vilar, JuanMTC
Ablation & Micromachining
Thursday Room 3
Ultrafast Laser Ablation - Overview of Processing CharacteristicsHodgson, NormanCoherent Inc
Sponsored by High-Power Picosecond Laser Machining of Advanced MaterialsMarimuthu, SundarMTC
Laser selective sintering and patterning of laser printed silver inks for flexible electronicsArnaldo, DanielOxford Lasers
Nanosecond Pulsed Fibre Laser Engraving of CeramicsAhuir-Torres, JuanLiverpool John Moores University
High-Quality, High Throughput Engraving Using 100 W Nanosecond Pulsed LasersDondieu, StephenHeriot-Watt University
Functional Microneedles : A multimodal sensory platform.Dzipalski, AdrianHeriot-Watt University
Fibre-tip microfabrication by ultrafast laser assisted etchingRoss, CalumHeriot-Watt University